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70 years later, Henrietta Lacks family sues over use of cells Effective October 1, 2021, Florida enacts new restrictive law governing person’s DNA sample


A Biomedical Data Analytics Company

About Consent Vault

Consent Vault (CV) is a Biomedical Data Analytics Company that transforms data sharing in healthcare by connecting clinical and diagnostic data assets via an innovative electronic consent and clinical workflow, enhancing patient diagnostic and treatment journeys.

Our mission is to empower oncology practices and patients with the essential tools for ethical and transparent connection of personal health data through proper consent.

Our vision is to create a future where health data assets drive ethical pioneering research and innovation in preventive and personalized medicine, propelling drug discovery and development advancements.

Led by Industry Experts

Our Dedicated Team​ is Ready to Help

Getting informed medical consent shouldn’t be hard. Our team and software, equipped with advanced data analytics capabilities, can help you and your practice keep up with the changing world of Personal Health Information. By leveraging cutting-edge analytics tools, we ensure that you have access to the most relevant and up-to-date information, empowering both healthcare providers and patients in making informed decisions regarding their healthcare journey.

Consented Data at your Fingertips

Modern Analytics Technologies

Access and analyze your consented consolidated data whenever you need it through our easy to use modern cloud based software and dashboards. Check out all of our revolutionary consent and analytics features that will enable you to improve your patients treatment journey. 

Modern Approach

Why Choose Consent Vault

Providing consent, data management, and clinical progress monitoring at the intersection of IT technology, data science and healthcare.

Consented Data Analysis

Users are able to retrieve, comprehensively analyze and intelligently identify varying levels of consented data in our secure cloud based system. Our expertise extends to data aggregation, curation, and analysis tools, which improve clinical processes, evaluate therapeutic advancement.

Facilitate Research and Development

We can facilitate access to certified data for research, development and healthcare innovation.

By linking clinical, diagnostic, and molecular data through the electronic consent workflow, patients and providers can share decisions about how a patient's data can be used for research and discovery.

Streamline Clinical Trial Enrollment

A patented method used to support the validation and use of ‘clean data’ that has been fully consented by the patient to streamline clinical trial enrollment and management. It gives the ability to search and identify patients willing to enroll in clinical studies based on data sharing questions.

Patient Focused

Our modern software provides for greater patient compliance, awareness, and control of their consented data. By allowing patients to update the consent process, with access control through ability to opt in or opt out.

It also allows clinics and providers to provide patients with learning materials through our educational outreach tools.

Cloud Based Software as a Service

We provide a customizable cloud based software product that provides a modern and easy to use dashboard that allows employees and patients to manage their consent workflow and data sharing questions.

Improved Compliance And Reduced Liability ​

Stay compliant with emerging data privacy legislation, regulation, and privacy/data control rights. Minimizes liability risks associated with litigation and regulatory compliance targeted at data monetization and re-identification concerns

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